Sunday, 10 June 2007

Crossing Over

Since Last Post P/L: £44.24
Monthly P/L: £45.17

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and all the travelling has taken it's toll. I really enjoy visiting new places but as it's been combined with work it's all been bit non-stop which means I just haven't had the chance or the energy levels to commit to any serious trading.

I've dabbled here and there on the UK Open Darts and as you can see the result has ended in a loss (and Sky switching their coverage of televised matches hasn't helped!) but with the 20/20 cricket season, Wimbledon and the Tri-Nations rugby due to kick-off soon there should be plenty of opportunities to make June a prosperous month. Hopefully, as I'm not due to go away again for a while, some kind of normality can be restored and I can start building up some profits.

I won't be able to trade the finals of the darts tonight as me and the Fiancee (her names's Nicola by the way) are off to experience something a little different. As a Christmas pressie my sister bought us 2 tickets to go and see Colin Fry (the medium from the Sixth Sense programme on Sky) as he's in Bristol tonight and even though I don't really know what to expect it should be interesting.

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