Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hello Square One

Daily P/L: £244.32
Monthly P/L: £65.37
It's always harder to write about a loss - especially a maximum loss. A defeat of this size is always possible with Twenty20 cricket and today I caught the end of it.
On the positive side, things can turn around very quickly so I can't pass full judgement until the end of the month but there's no doubt that the result I manage from tomorrow's match between will Surrey and Hampshire will determine my approach - will I be maximising profits or focusing on damage limitation?
Nottinghamshire v Lancashire
On paper these were two strong sides. Both had cracking batting line-ups so my noted par score of 160 was gettable and so it proved. Lancashire opened at around 1.80 favourites but even though they started well they never really got going and neither did I. I was confident that their batters would eventually step up but as they gave their wickets away I ended up getting on the wrong side of numerous flip-flop situations. In the end they were fortunate to reach 163 but at this stage I still thought they had a better chance than the 2.30 given to them by the market. In my eyes it was more like even money so my view was to wait until Nottinghamshire made a good start before looking for opportunities during the Lancashire fightback. Unfortunately for me, Patel made sure this didn't happen as he hit a great knock to rattle up 84 from just 57 balls. I still think the odds were wrong during the last 10 overs but there were no reverses this time and the home team won comfortably with 3 balls to spare. All in all this left me with a hole of £242.96 in my account.

Oops - nearly forgot to mention that the South Africa v New Zealand rugby match didn't go my way either. The first half was very uneventful (that's bad for me) so I made a very small loss of £1.36..


The Betfair Trader said...

Hi Mark, Sorry to read about the loss. It was a hard game to trade and really could have gone either way at the end but at least you had the discipline to not exceed you max loss. Despite the trading result that's a big positive to take from it.

Chin up, clear the loss from your head before you settle down to trade again and don't let it (the loss) effect your decisions next time. Stick to your usual gameplan and I'm sure you'll make the loss up before too long. Best of luck. :-)

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks BT.

Just when I think I've cracked this cricket lark it comes back to bite me :-)

I'm find it difficult to trade the next 5 overs rather than the final result which is strange as I don't have this problem with rugby.

Guess I've just got to watch more and keep learning.

Thanks for the support and all the best!