Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Treading Water

Since Last Post P/L: £16.82
Monthly P/L: £28.35

The darts on Sunday didn't really go to plan and even though I made money on the Jenkins v Van De Voort match I threw a bit of it away on the Barneveld v Taylor game to end the day with a small green. It's very rare to see Taylor get beat let alone thrashed, so it'll be no surprise for you to hear that I was reluctant to believe what I was seeing and that I held on to my losing positions for too long. Fair play to the Dutchman though, he was in great form and deserved to take the title.

The trip to see Colin Fry was enjoyable but a bit disturbing at the same time. I'd liken the experience to playing bingo. You sit in the audience and as he tries to connect to the other side you quickly realise that you are 'in the game'. A bit of nervous tension then starts to appear as he starts describing who's talking to him - I was left scratching my head a few times thinking, "Is the crazy woman he's describing my Nan?" or "I'm sure my mother's middle name was Doris!" but these thoughts turned out be unfounded as no messages came through for myself or Nicola. In all honesty I was a bit gobsmacked as to how much detail he went into and I left pretty sure that he wasn't a hoaxer - he was too specific to get lucky and if the people in the audience were in on it I'm sure somebody would have sold their story to the papers by now. If he's ever in your neck of the woods it's worth taking a look.

Back to trading - Today I arranged to take a few days off work at the end of the month to tie in with a couple of the 20/20 cricket matches. I'm trying to be patient and wait for the right opportunities to come along and I know that this format of cricket can reap rewards so hopefully my cautious approach can pay off. I need to get the show back on the road and I need to do it soon!

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