Friday, 29 June 2007

Flip Flop

Daily P/L: £64.59
Monthly P/L: £406.24
A steady effort leaves me in a good place for the end of the month. If I can pick up some small wins from here on in and stay away from the big losses I'll be more than happy.
England v West Indies
A much improved England bowling performance led them to victory in this second Twenty20 game but they didn't half make hard work of it. Once again the market refused to believe they could lose and despite the Windies posting a respectable 169 England were priced at 1.36 at the half way stage - a ridiculous price but no doubt the big scores from Thursday had left their mark. Then the wickets began to fall so I jumped in to lay England just before favouritism swung dramatically. A good move and it wasn't long before the Windies were in control - they had the batsmen in trouble and when Collingwood went the result looked a formality. The Windies price was 1.08 and at 104-5 England needed a miracle - enter stage right Owais Shah. A fantastic innings by the Middlesex man turned things around and the rest is history. A great match to trade and I finished with a profit of £72.91.
Earlier today I played with some small stakes during the Wimbledon coverage and ended up losing £8.32. I don't mind writing off these small amounts if I learn something in the process but I'm not sure I did that today.


the chosen won said...

youre better off getting a proper job m8. if u want to be a "pro" u need to be making £2000 per month minimum. if youre not, its not worth the time and effort. based on your targets, even if u hit them, ppl on minimum wage would make more doh than u. personally i make about £3000 per month on betfair and i have a full time job. youre just a lazy wannabe.

Slipperytoad said...
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Slipperytoad said...

Maybe I’m rising to the bait so this will be my only post on this subject.

Couldn’t give a crap if you make £100,000 week Chosen Won. What you’ve just written is enough to tell me you are a complete and utter idiot.. You should sick to the “skool” playground that is the betfair forum with the rest of your chump’s

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks for the support Mike. As I said when I started writing this blog, I don't think you have to put in 40 hours a week to call yourself a 'pro'. It's all about the outlook you have and how you manage yourself.

Hopefully I'll get to the £2k a month mark but it won't happen overnight and the methods I use then will be no different to what I use now.

Fortunately for me 'chosen one' I have a good 'proper job' and this is only a part time income for me.

All the best,


the choen won said...

i maybe childish and an utter idiot, but i make more money than u. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Mugsgame said...

If you earn 3 grand a month why do you work full time you muppet. I reckon your the wanna be