Thursday, 15 March 2007


Daily P/L: £43.48
Monthly P/L: £256.17

The good run continues and I'm loving every minute. Tonight was Premier League Darts night and apart from losing my way briefly I recovered to post another good return.

Lewis v Jenkins
What did I say about Jenkins? He's definitely a contender not a pretender and his 8-1 demolition of Lewis is more evidence of his credentials. He's playing with lots of confidence and in this form will beat most opponents. His starting price for the match was around 2.20 and after a positive start the only way that price was going was down. I was fortunate to jump on the ride and made an all green position quite quickly - I ended the match with a profit of £31.16.

Scholten v Manley
Full of confidence, I marched into the second game confident that Manley could turn Scholten over. As can easily happen, my over-zealous approach proved my undoing. I'd accumulated a healthy green figure quite early on, got greedy and managed to escape with a small loss of £3.53. Manley lost but he's a better player than most people give him credit for.

Taylor v Lloyd
I think Colin Lloyd must have broken a mirror - the guy's getting no luck. He's throwing some good arrows but this will rarely be enough against the likes of Taylor. Taylor ended up winning convincingly and is on top form - if there World Championships were tomorrow then I think he'd walk it. I was starting to get tired but still managed a healthy green of £15.85.

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