Saturday, 10 March 2007

Sick As A Pig

Daily P/L: £22.68
Monthly P/L: £65.57

Even though I can report a profit today some things are more important than trading - Wales lost to Italy!

This takes the shine off my day completely - how can we go from Grand Slam winners to big time losers in 2 years? A catalogue of errors over the last 24 months have all helped knock us off our perch, but our current predicament has to lay at the feet of Gareth Jenkins our coach. He's been exposed as just not being up to it and he has to go, but he won't walk now until after the World Cup in the Autumn. This means I'll have to sit through a number of other embaressing defeats before we see any progress - how depressing! It's just as well I don't trade when Wales play - I would have lost a fortune on them today.

The Scotland v Ireland game wasn't a classic but it made me a decent profit and I'm really happy with how I'm doing when it comes to Rugby. I thought Scotland did well considering their debacle against Italy last week so I'm sure they'll be fairly pleased with their performance.

I normally leave Horse Racing alone but I've been very impressed recently by the results of David's Stewarts HorseGraph's. He has a good background and a very logical way of approaching his selection process so today I decided to experiment and follow his advice. If I can make an income alongside my trading activity then why not? My stakes won't be very big for this sort of thing but any winnings will be welcome. Sure enough, 'Wild Pitch' didn't make the top 3 but one of the cover selections didn't pull off their side of the bet so I only made a small profit on the race. However, a profit is a profit so thanks Dave!

Tomorrow I'll be concentrating on the England v France match and it promises to be a cracker.


David Stewart said...


Thanks for the mention today.

Best Wishes

David Stewart

STST said...

I'm glad there's somebody else who felt the same way as me yesterday! Luckily I managed to win a couple of pound on that game! Glad to see your still doing well.


Clive said...

Added your site as a link - haven't had time to update the blog yet lately. If you want to track visitor numbers, referrals, where people come from etc have a look at signing up to - its quite interesting! Don't bother publishing this comment - nothing here of use for anyone else!