Saturday, 17 March 2007

On A Roll

Since Last Post P/L: £138.61
Monthly P/L: £394.78

I've woken up with a big smile on my face this morning - not only have I had a couple of great trading days but Wales beat England! March is turning into a very good month and there's still plenty of action to come.

England v New Zealand
Despite having a long and tiring week I couldn't resist having a look at this Cricket World Cup match up when I got home on Friday. New Zealand had already lost a couple of early wickets but were still trading at 1.58. Even though England's total of 209 would probably not be enough, I figured that if another wicket fell soon New Zealand's price would go shooting out so I laid them for £235. Sure enough, 8 minutes later they lost their 3rd wicket and I backed the at 1.75 almost straight away. I dabbled with some in and out trades before stopping shortly afterwards for a nice all green figure of £24.25.

Italy v Ireland
Bouyed by a good start weekend, I was bursting with anticipation for the glut of Six Nations matches today. Ireland were going for the title and a try fest was needed so it was always going to be an open game. Fortunately, Italy put up a fight in the first half and that allowed me to enter the market and make an all green profit of £63.46. Ireland are a very good side and even though things didn't go their way in their bid for the Championship they can still be proud of their performances throughout the tournament.

France v Scotland
By the time the teams took to the pitch for this one, France already new what they had to do to win the title. As you can expect from the French, this meant a slow and sluggish start and it was no surprise that Scotland took the initiative to get the first try. This is the beautiful thing about trading - France were almost a shoe-in to win the match but as they initially went behind, as a trader you get much better value than just taking a position before kick off. I gradually built my position as France came back into it and finished with a profit of £50.90.


John Wheatland said...

Hi Mark,
Glad you're having a good run. The betting on the NZ/ENG game was crazy, Eng went out to 3.5 after they lost their first wicket! I imagine a lot of people traded nicely on it.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi John,

Nice to hear from you - glad to see your getting yourself back on track for the month.

It looks like the Cricket World Cup could be a good pay day for many traders.
All the best,


STST said...

Great result yesterday! Unfortunately my trading is on the slippery slope. The only thing I can describe it as is similar to tilting in a game of poker. Only the tilting's been going on for a number of days.
Anyway back to the subject in hand, as long as we beat the English :)

Mark Iverson said...

Nice one Gareth - hope you enjoyed yesterday!

Matt said...

Hi Mark,

I've recently added twitter to my site, and I'm going through emailing a few other blog owners to see if they are interested in joining too and adding each other as friends. Once we've done that you can add a "badge" to your blog - like the one thats on mine now to see what each other is doing. Could be good fun to be able to see what everyones betting on when - only when you let others know of course. Anyway take a look, I'm leaving this message as I don't have your email address. My username at twitter is puntdotcom. Take a look at and

Same goes for you John and anyone else that fancies it.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the post.

I've had a really busy week but I'll have a look at Twiiter on the weekend.

Thanks again.