Thursday, 22 March 2007

A Good Check-Out

Since Last Post P/L: £43.85
Monthly P/L: £438.63

Just a quick post as I'm shattered! It's been a busy week, but even though my trading activity has been limited it's been successful. On Sunday I was only able to pick up a profit of £5.41 on the rugby between London Irish and Wasps but this was soon wiped out on Monday when I dabbled with small stakes on the FA Cup match between Man Utd and Middlesbrough. A scoreless first half ensured I lost £4.12, so I was relieved to end up netting a decent amount when trading the Premier League Darts tonight.

Lewis v Barneveld
'Jackpot' has lost the plot. Throughout his match with the Dutchman you could tell that mentally he wasn't right. Everything seems to be getting to him - the crowd, the cameras - everything! Has the loss of Taylor being his mentor unbalanced him? Has he the nerve to become a success on his own? I'm not sure I know the long term answers but there was no chance that Barneveld was going to slip up and my faith was repaid with a profit of £17.61.

Lloyd v Manley
These two are good players who have seriously under-performed during this tournament so before the match I couldn't really seperate them - it appeared that whoever gained momentum would go onto win and this is how it turned out. 'Jaws' took first bite and swam to victory to allow me a profit of £24.95.

It's been a great month for me so far, but will it continue? I intend to take a look at the World Cup Cricket on the weekend but if that doesn't work there's always some rugby to fall back on.

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