Sunday, 11 March 2007

Super Sunday

Daily P/L: £68.53
Monthly P/L: £134.10

I had a great day today which has helped push me up to a decent total for the month. My trading day consisted of:

Gloucester v Leicester
Even though I'd finished trading the match by half time I was surprised that Leicester ended up losing - in my eyes they had enough to put Gloucester away but perhaps they didn't want it enough. Some trades at key times helped me to a £18.47 profit on the match.

England v France
Fair play to England, they did a job on France who never looked in top gear. I don't think England are a great team yet but there's no doubt that Brian Ashton has made a significant difference. For starters he's picked the right players. This is something his predecessor Andy Robinson completely messed up. France were trading as low as 1.20 in the first half which was a crazy price considering at the time they were only 3-0 up - I didn't lump on at this point but in hindsight I should have! Nevermind, I still managed a profit of £26.42.

PGA TOUR - PODS Championship
Who said that the older you get the worse you get? This doesn't apply to Mark Calcavecchia. He turned back the clock and ended up winning the tournament and all thanks to his putter - he sunk a few long ones to push himself ahead of the pack and never got caught. From a trading point of view I was starting to get a little tired so I called it a day once I'd made a profit of £17.56.

I also decided to follow David Stewarts HorseGraph again and he didn't fail to deliver. Sure enough, the race followed his analysis and 'Gidam Gidam' secured the win. I'm beginning to become a big fan of Dave's as it's obvious this guy knows his stuff - and the best bit? - his information is free (for how long!?!) to anyone who visits his site. Thanks Dave, I didn't win much due to my low stakes but I'll take £6.08 any day.

I plan to watch the Tennis for the next few days to try and devise a winning strategy. There's a lot of money to be made if you know what you're doing but it's also a sport that can turn against you very quickly if you don't. Therefore, I'll probably hold back and wait for the Premier League Darts on Thursday.

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STST said...

Hi Mark!

It really is a small world! I wonder if all traders live here!! On a more sour note had a bloody nightmare today, I hate this bit where the self-doubt creeps in!!