Saturday, 6 January 2007

Any Profit Is Better Than A Loss

Daily P/L: £14.49
Monthly P/L: £32.80

My life is a little hectic at the moment. Just before Christmas I gained quite a big promotion with the company I work for and although my official start date for the new position isn't until 5th February it's already having an effect on my spare time.

For the last 2 and a half years I've been fortunate (depends which way you look at it!) to work with my Fiancee - I say fortunate as we've been able to get by with having just the one car and get to see each other without any hassle. This is now going to change as I'll be working in a seperate office in Cardiff Bay so today we've had to go car hunting. Ended up finding something that will do the job and I pick the new motor up on Monday. Things aren't that simple though as now my Fiance also wants a new car as the one we had is "not good enough". This means that I'll have to go car hunting again over the next week and it's clear that my life/trading balance is sloping the wrong way!

These events ended up cutting down my involvement in the BDO Darts but I got involved briefly. The liquidity in the match odds markets wasn't anywhere near the levels of the PDC event last week so I played cautiously and lowered my trading stakes just in case I got into a position I couldn't get out of.

In the end I managed a £14.49 profit which moves me closer to my monthly target but I know I'll have to step it up a bit over the next 7 days.

I'm off to a wedding reception tonight but if I'm sober enough then on my return I hope to take a look at the Dallas @ Seattle NFL game that kicks off at 1am......mmm....drink and a late night.....maybe not a good idea....we shall see.

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