Sunday, 28 January 2007

End Of Month

Daily P/L: £20.66
Monthly P/L: £137.22

Well, that's it for January. My trading has finished for the month and even though I've increased my bank by over 16% I'm well off my target. This is mainly down to my soccer farce. By desperately looking for a sport to trade I reverted back to soccer and incurred a big loss. My thinking was that by not trading I was missing out. How wrong I was. It took me over a week to get back to the same position and made making my monthly target mission impossible.

Lesson learnt - if there's not an event to trade then I'll simply go for a pint or switch on a film instead.

When it came to today it was all about picking up what I could.

As promised, I had a look at the Qatar Masters. Some things became apparent very quickly; liquidity is nowhere near the same level as PGA Tour events, scoring updates via the internet are around 5 minutes behind and information available on the course/players isn't half as comprehensive as the American equivalent. Despite these issues I entered the market at various points and successfully made a small profit. This trial run has given me the view that the PGA Tour still needs to be my main focus so I'm going to have to seriously consider Setanta as an option.

My other trading success came from the rugby match between Saracens and London Irish. I'm much better at reading games now and with the Six Nations starting next week this is hopefully a good omen.

To help me plan my trading schedule for February I'm using the Betfair sporting calendar - give it a go by visiting here.

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