Thursday, 11 January 2007

Sweet & Sour

Daily P/L: £15.80
Monthly P/L: £101.44

I'm a little angry with myself right now. I decided to take a look at the darts when I got home from work and just caught the start of the Adams v Hankey match. I started well and got myself into an all green £20 position within the first 4 sets. It's at this point I should have stopped, taken the cash and congratulated myself on a job well done but I didn't. I ended up getting lazy and reversing my position into a fat juicy red one.

It happens to us all but I'm especially unhappy as I wasn't planning to trade today. I have my eyes firmly on the weekend as I haven't got much planned and there's a wealth of great trading opportunities to be had. The Heineken Cup resumes, the NFL playoffs get interesting and it's the final stages of the Darts - what more could I ask for?

So, my day should have ended there....but....

As I was turning off the computer something inside told me I couldn't leave things as they were. I'd let myself down and needed to redeem myself. When I'm in this frame of mind I go on auto-pilot and put trust in the hours I've spent studying each sport I trade.

The King v Eccles match was just about to start so I took a look at the prices. King was trading at around 1.39 and Eccles had the throw in the first set. Now Eccles is no mug, and he hadn't lost a set in the tournament so surely there'd be a good chance he'd at least get off to a good start?

I watched with anticipation and as soon as I had the re-assurances I was looking for I started laying King and backing Eccles for a few ticks above. As you probably now know, Eccles jumped out of the gates and I made up my losses in double quick time.

It doesn't always happen this way, and my actions could have got me in trouble but I feel much better if I can end the day with a green, no matter how small it is.


Anonymous said...

nice blog!


Mark Iverson said...

Thanks RC,

I'll add a link to your blog today - please can you return the favour?



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Excellent blog. Have adding a link from mine to yours.