Sunday, 14 January 2007

A Better Day

Daily P/L: £29.51
Monthly P/L: £135.64

What a difference a good nights sleep makes. I've felt much fresher today and I'm sure it's made a difference.

The good news is that I traded the Bourgoin v Munster game well. Even though Munster were very strong favourites at 1.08 before kick off I suspected that Bourgoin would take this game a little more seriously than others they'd played in the Heineken Cup. For one, they'd arranged for the game to be played in Geneva so they could use their 30,000 capacity stadium - even though this is a one hour drive from Bourgoin. Secondly - they were playing the European Champions and with the French being fanatical about their rugby they always love to claim a big scalp. With this evidence at hand it seemed there was more than a good chance of them at least putting up a fight even though Munster would surely go onto win.

It turned out to be a suprisingly close affair with Munster in the end getting the result they needed but by this time I'd already settled for a nice gain and had turned the computer off by half time.

I wish my luck had extended to NFL. This weekend I've really struggled to trade these tight playoff games. In the regular season my pre-match research had given me a distinct edge but with the teams now being so closely matched I've made some bad decisions. Despite this, my NFL balance sheet for the last two days still shows a profit but it's a very small one.

One last thing before I go.

Just before Christmas I introduced a family friend (Clive) to the wonders of Betfair. He's very keen and although I've tried to get the message across that things can go wrong very quickly I'm not sure he's taken this on board (probably due to him winning quite a bit in the last week!).

So I need a favour from you readers with a few years experience of this game - please can you visit his blog (yes, he's set one up already!) and post a comment with any tips/pitfalls for him to look out for - the last thing I want is for him to end up in a clinic!

Visit his blog by clicking here.

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