Sunday, 21 January 2007

What Next?

Daily P/L: £16.20
Monthly P/L: £104.53

The good news is I've had a good weekend and have nearly clawed back the losses I inflicted on myself last week. My monthly profit is nowhere near my original aim of £255, but I'll be glad to get out of January with anything over £100.

The difficulty I have now is - What do I trade next week?

The Heineken Cup has finished for a couple of months, the NFL season is nearly over I'm not going anywhere near Soccer or Horse Racing. I'm really looking forward to the Cricket, Tennis & Golf seasons but they don't really get going until March.

In February there's the Six Nations and the start of Premier League Darts but they're both a couple of weeks away so I'm really struggling when it comes to a sport to trade - I don't fancy staying up all night so maybe it's time for an early holiday?

Any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark,

Have you thought about diversifying a a little and trying the likes of Celebrity BB or even the dancing on Ice ?
Do you think any of your formula could be applicable to these, if not then i'd like the chance to share some of my ideas with you. What do you think ?


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Alison,

Nice of you to post a comment.

I'm a fan of Big Brother but haven't traded on it before. However, I intend to when the new series starts in the summer. As for Dancing On Ice....well that's not really my cup of tea but I'm interested in any ideas you might want to share.

If you want to email me you can at but please put BLOG as the subject title, otherwise I might delete it by accident!

Thanks again


Anonymous said...

You must be crazy mate... by the sounds of it you would bet on anything.. just coz some dosy bird thinks its a good idea to bet on a bunch of freaks , i wouldnt expect a seasoned pro like yourself to hop on the bandwagon. sticking to what you know has to be the recipe for success in this game.

Mark Iverson said...

Hi Derek,

I believe you should always be open to new ideas - if there's a method to the madness then money can be made.

I'm sure the same was said to the person who thought of racing animals with four legs, but there's alot of punters making money from horse racing!

All the best anyway,


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark,
For the support, not wanting to turn this in to a slanging match but it was rude of pea brain Derek to comment as he did. I think you are spot on in saying that we have to be open to all new ideas as it can only benefit us as no-one is perfect.. not that i've met anyway. They say that "if it's not broke then don't fix it" but that can often be a narrow minded view as we can always improve especially in the minefield world of trading, thanks again and i look forward to sharing a few ideas with you.

The Betfair Trader said...

Hi Mark,

Good to see you're back on the winning road. :-)

As for Big Brother it is a fantastic event to get involved with if you have the time. It's been responsible for *by far* my biggest wins over the years and can also be great fun.

But as a word of warning the markets are a lot smarter than they once were. Recent years have also seen too many format changes in the show itself to the usual to hold any big positions with confidence. More contestants than ever (especially in CBB) now seem willing to walk and there is the ongoing issue of insider money - an issue I know to be fact rather than just gossip. Plus the Specials / BB forum is now an utter waste of space if you are after decent discussion and most the shrewder posters ply their business elsewhere.

It can still be great fun to do but just bear in mind it can mean pulling a lot of late nights and the twists that are increasingly being introduced can decimate positions (and, of course, deliver spectacular results, on the flip side).

Mark Iverson said...

Thanks Betfair Trader,

The Big Brother markets do interest me as if I'd traded on them previously I think I'd be well ahead right now...but... I didn't so I'm sure it'll be just my luck that when I do get involved my favourite housemate walks after day one!

Thanks for the advice though..I'll be asking your advice when the fun starts in the summer.

All the best.


Clive said...

Hi Mark.

I've moved!
I've set up a blog on blogger as well now because you had to sign in to post comments on MySpace and looked a bit rubbish. Can you update the links to my blog. Thanks mate.
Unlucky with the football the other day. If you need any tips feel free to ask ;-)