Sunday, 7 January 2007

Glorified Pub Players

Daily P/L: £52.84
Monthly P/L: £85.64

It's been a strange but good day today.

True to my word, I drunk way too much at the wedding last night and fortunately wasn't able to turn on the TV to watch the Dallas @ Seattle game when I got home - I was in no fit state to pick up the remote control let alone turn on the laptop. With this in mind you can understand why I wasn't feeling totally ready for trading when I woke up this morning.

By the time the BDO Darts coverage was due to start I'd had a shower and had started to feel human again so I settled into the armchair and got down to business. Well at least that's what I thought. I've long been a fan of the annual Lakeside tournament (I even went for 2 days last year) but I have to admit that the event has lost much of it's charm. After watching practically every dart thrown in the PDC Darts last week and after being mesmerised by a Taylor v Barneveld showdown the prospect of Fitton v Nixon left alot to be desired. The fact they threw very few quality darts also made life even harder when it came to trading. I ended up escaping from the afternoon session with a very small green number in front of me so unfortunately my hopes for the rest of the tournament aren't very high.

So....thank goodness for American Football.

Doing your homework on NFL really helps. If you understand the strengths of the teams involved you can understand what's happening and this helps you see the game develop in front of you. Both of today's match-ups I was able to trade well but the most pleasing thing was that I didn't get into any sticky situations - I was very calm and made a number of very good decisions.

The result is a weekend that gets my month up to where it should be and a feeling of optimism for the week ahead.

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